Kiwi - the fruit from 'down under'

With a humble brown exterior, the kiwi is a gorgeous green or gold color inside. Peel and slice it into a fruit salad for a boost of color. Or just spoon out the soft fruit and enjoy it by itself. This New Zealand native boasts vitamin K, fiber, and more vitamin C (ounce-for-ounce) than oranges. Having trouble sleeping? Try eating two kiwi an hour before bedtime. Research subjects who tried it were able to get to sleep more quickly, slept more soundly and slept longer. Fighting a cold or the flu? The gold kiwifruit appears to help older adults get over their illnesses faster and to ease their symptoms. A study of preschoolers showed that those eating gold kiwifruits were able to cut their risk of getting sick almost in half. Although a few people are allergic to the kiwifruit, most can enjoy the health-promoting benefits of this delicious fruit.

by Dorothea Sarli, Nutritionist