Mood Food

Does feeling depressed call for a bag of chips, a box of doughnuts or a carton of ice cream? Next time you feel down, try something that really works. Research shows that apples, grapes, berries and onions can all boost your mood by blocking enzymes linked to depression.  One study showed that eating more vegetables can cut the risk of depression by 62%. But we're not talking about an extra carrot stick or two. It takes a daily dose of 8 servings of vegetables (or 7 servings of fruit) to see a benefit. How can you get that many servings of vegetables? Keep a zippered bag of veggies in the fridge so they're easy to grab when you're hungry. Toss them in soups and add them to salads. Spread bite-sized pieces on a cookie sheet - add salt and garlic and grill in the oven at 400 degrees until they're barely tender. Enjoy the grilled vegetables with spaghetti or rice for a complete protein and a balanced dinner.